This Place (2014)

This Place.jpeg

"This Place" was recorded January 5-9, 2014 at the legendary Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville, TN. The album features a brand new collection of songs including the already popular Al Sh'loshaLecha Dodi and You & I (Everything Will Be Alright)

  1. Al Sh'losha D'varim - iTunes - Chords
  2. Halleli - iTunes - Chords
  3. Lecha Dodi - iTunes - Chords
  4. This Place - iTunes - Chords
  5. Don't Let Us Get Sick - iTunes 
  6. Ozi V'zimrat Yah - iTunes - Chords
  7. Heartbeat - iTunes - Chords
  8. To Find You - iTunes - Chords
  9. When I Die - iTunes - Chords
  10. You and I (Everything Will Be Alright) - iTunes - Chords

Alan Goodis (2009)

The 2009 self-titled five-song EP helped launch Alan onto the Jewish music scene. This recording features fan favorites Esah Einai and Shiru l'Adonai.

  1. Esah Einai - iTunes - Chords
  2. Nothing to Worry About - iTunes - Chords
  3. Shiru L'Adonai - iTunes - Chords
  4. Shekacha Lo B'olamo - iTunes - Chords
  5. Rad Hayom - iTunes - Chords

The Remix EP (2015)


For the last fifteen years Jewish teens at camps and youth group events across North America have invigorated song sessions with a passionate call, "This is the Remix!" Dan Nichols and Alan Goodis celebrate this tradition by offering their own variation on the theme. With the help of the Nashville production team, The Buzz Brothers (Mark Niemiec and Nathan Meckel), Dan and Alan have teamed up to filter, flange, excite, pump, oscillate, overdub, and dub step the holy heavens with this hair-raising, booty shaking, glow stick waving, head thumping, fist pumping sound of celebration.

  1. Esah Einai (Remix) [Alan Goodis] - iTunes
  2. Hashkiveinu (Remix) [Dan Nichols] - iTunes
  3. Heartbeat (Remix) [Alan Goodis] - iTunes
  4. Hoshia (Remix) [Dan Nichols] - iTunes
  5. My Heart is in the East (Remix) [Dan Nichols] - iTunes
  6. This Place (Remix) [Alan Goodis] -  iTunes